A rose like kiss

Can i fully have you? Can I do what I can to be one with you. I want to unfold you..climb upward and discover you. My thoughts say you complete me. I was hoping to in every moment of my life to be consumed with you. Close my eyes and weep at the thought of ever losing you. Rose like kisses.. Toe curling love… Unshakeable, undestroyable, and I’m knowing you complete me. Give me..a kiss so I can sleep better. And dream of you.. Love crissy b


A new healthier me.. Pescaterian

Today is my second day living as a pescaterian.. Or pesca vegetarian a semi vegan that still consumes eggs, dairy, and aquatic animals, such as fish and seafood. This is the preferred diet for both meat eaters and vegetarians. It still allows you to consume everything you need to be fully healthy without the consumption of land animals. For many people going full vegan is too dramatic a change. going full vegan you may need to take supplements to make sure you are getting enough iron, and VB 12. So just be aware if you are thinking about being full vegan. That isn’t for me though. It was quite hard to give up my burgers, my fried chicken, my pork chops. So i need my salmon, tuna, omelets, and yogurt ^-^ ! I have IBS which is basically a overly sensitive digestive tract. Certain foods I eat make me run to the bathroom almost immediately. I will have a lot of bloating and stomach cramping. But the past two days since I’ve started this pescaterian life I’ve never felt better. I will keep everyone posted!! Blessings!!!!



Leave blu ivy alone!

Why are grown adults going in on beyonces child blu ivy.. Whether she is rocking free form locks, maybe an afro that just needs to be picked out better..or maybe she is just letting her daughter just do her…
We should ask ourselves why are we so concerned/upset?

The number one thing we don’t do as black women in America is just mind or own business…we have to add our 2 cents to everything!

Her mom is an intelligent enough women to figure out what do when she and her child are ready.

Just because we don’t choose the same choice as some one else is no reason to bash them or that child.. It all just seems petty and immature to be so concerned about bey when there are so so many political issues that need addressing..the same attention to make petitions to comb this Childs hair can be put into protesting our political injustice!
Stay positive Crissy B.


a woman and her hair

Natural natural natural.. or team natural as we say..may get on some peoples nerve. Why, would be the question i ask to anyone who challenges the “movement”. Women supporting women especially women of color is so rare!! What every she so chooses to do with her hair by all means do it. But not everyone natural is following a trend. Many are natural now due to studies of health risks associated with relaxers.. Some women are doing a lifestyle change to become more natural in living overall. There are some who found that the hair in the state or texture you are born with is awesome as is

When a women screams team natural online be aware that is not to offend to to build a pride for the new do they have obtained. Out is hard committing to going natural when so many woman wet see on tv look more like a reality tv vixen.
I sometimes feel an unspoken rift between women who choose to wear their natural verse relaxing or weaving the hair.

No judgments here ladies I’ve rocked it all. Women are beautiful how ever they choose to wear their hair!!!


relationships and marriage

Hello all, i love to write and read. And we have all heard about the issues with T.I. And Tiny the celebs and t.v. personalities have been said to be in a bout of drama lately..well no relationship is perfect. Tiny and T.I may have been trying to portray perfection, but there is truly no such thing.. Even the most loving affectionate and compassionate couples will argue or at the very least disagree. No need to worry if this happens from time to time in a relationship. With that being said, turn the coin over and you guys should not be fussing and fighting to the point of exhaustion. No one wins an argument with a loved one, you have to calm down and speak in a way that a person can receive the information they are giving you. It’s quite hard to take in what your saying of you are
Being rude
Being sarcastic
Being overly offensive
Being overly defensive
Definitely no hitting!!!
Talk with calm in voice. Don’t interrupt! Of you can communicate properly surely you guys will have a wonderful and healthy relationship!! Sometimes just walking off really helps to see things more clearly. Give each other the benefit of the doubt and remember spread love, not hate! Stay inspired you guys!
Crissy B.