Black women breastfeed

Why do people become outraged with a woman particularly black woman who breast feed in public? Now don’t get me wrong they sell covers these days, so no flesh had to be exposed to breastfeed. But if a woman is with out a cover, maybe an emergency situation… Why are you offended?.. Is out because America told you breasts are sexual? That they are for a mans view and touch? When a child is hungry they are hungry. So many babies that have been breastfeed exclusively for a lengthy time have no desire to take a bottle. Please don’t shun a mother feeding a baby the way it’s most familiar and comfortable. If your kid sees a breast feeding Mom, why not explain how natural it is instead of filling their ears up with trash about it being freaky or sexual. Maybe it’s just not for you and your family. Our maybe you just are to selfish to USSR your body the way God intended because you want to appeal to your friends who discourage such “abnormal behavior”. Well it’s not sexual, a woman who is in public and had to pop a boob out of not some attention seeking whore. She is not trying to offend you or your happy family. She is just doing what had always been done. Maybe it’s not glamorous but what about motherhood actually is? Change your perspective on things. Please be kind, especially to young black American mothers breast feeding! She maybe just as nervous about the situation as you but she is doing what her baby and body tell her. Full breasts hurt and not every baby can switch back and forth from bottle to breast. That may be why the young Mom didn’t pack any. Bit don’t judge. Encourage. I promise there are so few black American breastfeeding due to lack of encouragement or knowledge!! Blessings and love to you all. Crissy B.