Don’t kill out black youth

I  am posing today because really I just need to vent. When black people get upset about issues in the media White America, please be sensitive and understanding. We know not all of you are racist.. There is just so much chaos and confusion with regard to us being a color. I’m glad to see white brothers and sisters come together for mike brown.
And to the people who dissect this child the same way people dissect trayvon Martin… They are young kids.. Kids of all races are more “unruly” and “defiant”. They are young. They are still learning growing. Lets not forget the police should be seen as civil, just, helpful, honorable. Not scary, aggressive, manipulative, dishonorable. We all deserve apart of this world.
Black people face allot daily, it’s always been a clear difference in our economic,and social status. W have a high rate of same race killing, we have a problem with some of our black men being absent from the home for whatever reason. We don’t need any more grief, we are fixing problems that are inour community. But the list keeps expanding.. We want all the killings to stop. We are people. Good people , not good animals. Not test dummies for aggressive hands and guns… Open your eyes and your heart and keep racism away from you and your family..I all this of all of you. We are the human race first!! Be blessed.. Crissy B.


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